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Charlotte Gunnell

Online copywriter and blogger

Writer, blogger, and online content editor with seven years’ experience in writing for the public.

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Time Out

Six cultural gems you'll find in Smithfield

What better place for the new home of the Museum of London than Smithfield, where London’s history has played out for centuries?

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Understanding terrorism with Nietzsche, Kissinger and others

32,685 people around the world died as a result of terrorism in 2014, which is 80 per cent more than in 2013. But why the sudden increase? And how can we successfully fight back?

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The 21 most beautiful places in London (without the crowds)

London might be known for frenetic streets, bright lights, and bowler hats. But it’s in the living, breathing gardens, parks and history that it’s at its most beautiful.

Critical thinking definition e1458140114354 article

How critical thinking can change your career

Critical thinking is about to become one of the most in-demand set of skills in the global jobs market. Are you ready?

Ask for janice avocado on toast e1457462018894 article

8 quiet places to write in central London (with free wifi)

With lots of distractions and two very noisy cats at home, finding quiet cafés, libraries, coffee shops, and other places to work and write within easy reach in central London is essential for my productivity.

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Time Out

Ten quiet places to escape to on your lunch break in London

So you’ve made it through the morning. Well done you! You deserve a break, surely, and it should be something extra special.

Japanese roof garden article

A Peace of London: Quiet places in London to explore

Discover quiet places in London with peaceful nooks and historic corners that yearn to be explored. Eat, write and relax in the city’s most unusual spots.

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17 historic houses every Londoner must visit before they leave

There's nothing like London's historic houses in the summer: from Hampstead to Richmond, from Barking to Kensington and even in the city, there are so many beautiful places to indulge in a bit of ye olde luxury. Here's our top 17......

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Why the Queen has two birthdays and you only get one

Happy birthday to the Queen! Today Her Majesty will celebrate her actual birthday (as opposed to her official birthday, which falls in June). Here's a complete guide to why we celebrate her birthday twice each year....

St olaves churchyard article

11 gruesome things in London you must see (if you like that sort of ...

11 gruesome things in London you must see (if you l...

Confucius hero e1460019479467 article

50 of the most profound quotes you'll ever read

The average person knows around 25,000 words. But only rarely do we use that power to change the world. We plunged the words of the greatest thinkers of the last few thousand years for the 50 most profound quotes and sentences ever written.

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The Culture Trip

10 Beautiful, Quiet Places In The City Of London

The cash-lined streets of the City of London aren’t known for being quiet places to relax and unwind.

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Don't waste your lunch break! Explore these London gems in under an hour

Don't waste a single minute of exploring time! Bob is here with some lunchtime inspiration for something different for your hour of freedom....

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9 free places in London that every geek should know about

January is upon us and it's been a while since everyone got paid. So what's a geek to do? Visit these geeky places in London that won't cost you a penny, of course......